Daily Archives: 4 July, 2019

Independence day 🇺🇸

Today is 4th of July, a federal holiday in the USA. I like this day and annually I think of America. This evening I made hamburgers and also some American blueberry muffins. I make muffins rather often because it is so easy to make. And they are healthy since you know what is in them such as fresh berries.

America is a symbol for freedom for me. Perhaps that is why I fancy the USA. There is also a lot of good music from the USA. This evening I listened to some American inspired R’n’B while making hamburgers. That made me on a good mood. It is rather cold and rainy in Stockholm right now, and it should be sunshine at this time of the year. Lately, I have shared quite a lot of music, and that is because I have had troubles with my music machine. Now when it works again I listen to a lot of music. On this 4th of July I share Justin Timberlake. Sunshine is needed so this song is perfect on this rainy day.