Daily Archives: 7 July, 2019

Summertime and vacations

I have had a calm and relaxing Sunday – definitely needed sometimes. Yesterday I did some training and I have learnt my body rather well. To know how many percentages I can perform every time I exercise. This time 80%. Mostly because the program was changed and I didn’t know the movements.

There is always a lack of time, and that is the reason why I sometimes exercise online at home. That is ok, but currently I am working on my very own training that will be approximately 25-30 minutes. I will focus on stretch and core training. Core muscles are very important because that gives your body a good posture. In addition, I find it inspiring to search for nice clothing when I go training. That must be a woman’s thing. But it is true, nice colors gives motivation and make you happy.

Right now it is rather late. Since it is summertime there are not much on the news. Summertime is beautiful. Life slows down. I am happy about my music machine. It takes time to learn, and I spend a few hours every evening practicing. I searched for a movie with Madonna and Justin Timberlake since I know they have made good music. I found this instead: “Don´t tell me”.

Please enjoy 🎵🎵🎵🎵.