Daily Archives: 9 July, 2019

Netanyahu & Israel

It is Monday and I still have some time to go before vacation. I miss to read interesting history and politics. It was a long time ago I read about Israel which is a very interesting country with regard to politics, religion – and also the fact that women are included in military training. I know that because my penpale in high school was from Israel. She wrote that she had to go to military training for two years and that it was mandatory. I could not understand that.

From what I interpret, there will be parliamental elections in Israel for Knesset in September. Benjamin Netanyahu has a challenge with bribes, corruption and also with various regulations within law at a more or less governmental level.

It is now soon three months ago since my mother passed away. It takes time to mourn, and I have thought a lot about her. There are of course different ways of viewing life after death, but religion may play a role. At least it helps to have traditions and ceremonies to remember and move on in life. I touch upon this subject in my book “Generations”. This summer I will learn more about Christianity.