Daily Archives: 10 July, 2019

Spice tours

I have spent quite a lot of time cooking in life, and I find it a great hobby. I search for nice recipes and ingredients. The season influences, and it was a long time ago that I made a Paella so that was a nice memory to revive. The saffron is a wonderful spice. Now is also the time of the year to have fresh seafood. However, in Sweden it is said that seafood is best from September-April. The months containing an R. I don’t know if that is right.

What is your favorite spice? Mine are salt n’ pepper. I have been on spice tours a couple of times in tropical countries. That is really fascinating. I especially remember how cardamom grew on the ground. Cinnamon is also impressive, coming from the inner bark of trees. Like words are interesting, when you can derive where they come from, it is also exciting to learn where spices come from. Fresh herbs are delicious. To be reminded to the Mediterranean. Like fresh tomatoes from southern France. My life in a nutshell.

A new mind set

It would be interesting to measure my MAO levels. I would guess that I have low levels since I have always liked exploring new areas. I like to fly. Last time I traveled was to Dubai, and when I was in Abu Dhabi I saw Ferrari World. An exotic mix of religion and cars, and a contrast to what I am used to see. That journey gave me a lot of inspiration to write. After my mothers passing away I now need a new mind set. I need to do something different, and to find inspiration to write more about Greten and her growing up.