Daily Archives: 15 July, 2019


Recently,  I have thought a lot about freedom, and the poems that I have written touches upon this delicate subject. Freedom may be defined in many ways, and it is a little strange, but music represents freedom for me. The ocean is also closely associated to this word. I am not going to write much about this but I browsed the internet for a song representing freedom, and I found this one by Moby. It also puts me into a summer mood. Isn’t it a beautiful song?

Summer school

I will dedicate some, or even quite a lot of time on my vacation to studies. I have a lot that I would like to read, and I need to make a frame to my next book. When I studied at the university in Uppsala I worked some during summer. I also spent time studying other subjects than pharmacology. Fairy tales have always been my favourite, like the Greek stories and myths. Those summers were very calm and relaxing, and I would like to remember that. This week I will start to learn about Italy. At least a little. Over a cup of coffee.