Daily Archives: 27 July, 2019

Returned from Rome, Italy

Late, yesterday evening I was met by warmth at Arlanda airport. A beautiful flight from Rome and Zürich with sunset and taste of summer. I saw some mountains in Zürich and that made me satisfied. Flying also makes me happy. Perhaps it is some kind of sense of freedom.

It was about 40°C in Rome and that was nice, just needed to remind myself of having water. The day before I left I had gelato (italian ice cream) at Piazza Navona. It was easy to talk to Italians, and there I met Carolina and Leonardo from Florens. They had the table next to me and they inspired me to go to other places in Italy. Italians like dogs and it was facile to make conversations. I was told that there is a famous kennel in Italy for Jack Russell terriers.

The gelato was definitely needed and I will continue having ice cream. But soon I will go running before it gets too hot. So I can have gelato!