Daily Archives: 29 July, 2019

Marble and core

Challenge your brain. To think “out of the box” is not always easy. It is convenient and comfortable to stay in your zone that you are used to. There is a story about the chained elephant. This elephant had been chained his whole life. One day he was released, but he didn’t move even though he could. This reminds me of my own thinking. To be tied to past experience. That will always stay with you. Memories cannot be erased. To think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective is my daily challenge – to find novel and creative thinking.

I am lucky. Stockholm is endowed with summer. I remember summers when it has been raining almost daily. Every morning I have my Nespresso. Sometimes tea. I follow the news, and usually it is very calm but the UK is having change. They have a new leader for the conservative party. Boris Johnson. I found a nice presentation of him here where he is introduced:


There was not much politics in Rome. Only one occasion where a man wanted me to read about his party as I show you on the photo above. That was in the middle of square Piazza Farnese. He asked me if I am a communist. I told him that I am a tourist traveling. And indeed, he was in a way right, I have been to several countries where communism is dominating. Like Cuba and Vietnam.

It is now approximately 30 days til running. I will more actively focus on core training. Those muscles are very important when you run. I don’t want any injuries. What is your training objective?