Daily Archives: 6 September, 2019

Asthma education

Autumn is here. Last weekend was lovely and it brought a lot of energy. I went running this Thursday, and it was fine. When I have time I do core training afterwards. I actually don’t run, it is more like jogging. A kind of yoga. It is just so relaxing to get into that mode. It made me think of my sweetie so I have to go and see her tomorrow. Even though it will only be for a few hours. That happy mood of her’s is difficult to find. Currently, I am training for “Hässelbyloppet” which is in the beginning of October. That is a top course. A lot of good runners. And always an ambiance that is contagious.

This autumn I have set a personal goal. I am repeating pharmacology. There are developments within various pharmacological treatments. I remember when I read student’s books at the Department of Pharmacology, that my studies that I did at that time, were going to be new knowledge one day. That was a fascinating thought. New knowledge in pharmacological books. Cutting edge.

Exercise is good when you have asthma. I had an allergy attack this weekend. But that is something completely different. Knowledge is becoming more digital, and I share this film with you to get an idea of what kind of education there is about Asthma and Apps.

Take control over your health.