Daily Archives: 8 September, 2019

Different brain regions

At an age of approximately 23 years old, I got interested in learning about the brain. The brain is complicated, and therefore, very interesting. When I ended my PhD studies in 2004, I concluded:

“This scientific journey has not only given the possibility to investigate the neurobiological actions of ethanol and nicotine, but also, it has given me the wonderful opportunity to learn, at least a little, about the organ that controls our body functions and shapes our thoughts, hopes, dreams and imagination.”

Since that day I defended my thesis, I have had that phrase in my mind. Today, I update my knowledge now and then within the neuroscience field. Not only drug dependence, but also within various dementia diseases where memory loss is the main symptom. My mother suffered from memory loss and passed away this spring. I miss her. Yesterday, I went to the countryside and arrived rather late. It was dark and some rain. But also the very first time this year I saw autumn moonlight. We did something scary. I found a torch, and my sweetie and I walked to church.

There actually are ghosts were I am grown up. When I was little, I was told that three white dressed ladies walk in the garden, and that I should let them stay in peace. Do you have a ghost story to be told?