Daily Archives: 4 October, 2019

Catching up latest news

I like to read and follow what happens locally, but also internationally with regard to sports, religion, politics etc. Right now, I think that Brexit is the most interesting news to follow. The new prime minister Boris Johnson must be very busy, and he definitely has a great challenge because he needs some kind of agreement with the European Union before leaving. Theresa May has done a lot of pre-work, but it takes time since it is rather complicated at many levels. What will be most interesting, according to me, is to see how free market forces will contribute. A lot of people are worried about trade, but trade will be automatically regulated I believe. But a helping hand from Boris Johnson is definitely needed. Guidance rather than regulations.

Next year there will be presidential election in the USA. These elections are interesting since they are very clear. How candidates are promoted and selected within respective parties (democrats and republicans). In the USA various companies are very important since they reflect employment and common wealth. In a way I have an impression that they are more important compared to other countries. I might be wrong. In Sweden there is not much talk about companies, but when I saw this headline in the news I got happy. Small companies are important. And should get more attention. That is for sure. Or what is your opinion?

Sharing some Swedish music this Friday. For weekend.