Daily Archives: 15 October, 2019

Brexit – future political history

Right now political history is written in the UK. I am talking about Brexit. It is very interesting to follow the political development with regard to many aspects. A lot of people would like to have another vote since they believe that voters would change their mind. But considering democracy, I agree with news I saw (see headline above). An election is an election, and that is democracy. Most people are afraid of change, and do not see possibilities. The outturn of Brexit will depend on eg how successful negotiations are with the EU. The UK is unique since London is connected with the whole world more or less. People from all continents live and work there, and it definitely is a busy world city. Foreign relations are important, and I believe that there has been a development compared to a century ago. Infrastructure, industrial development, technical aspects of communications have completely changed. Compared to hundred years ago, we are on another platform. It is like a new dimension has been added to human life.