Monthly Archives: November 2019

Christmas carols

I don´t want it to happen. December. Already December. I cannot believe that a year has passed. This evening I will have a pause from Christmas decoration, but I will continue again tomorrow. I will soon prepare for some Christmas bakery as well. The spicy cake with ginger and cinnamon. I love it.

I have my christmas music that I listen to every year, and that helps me to get into the right mood. So, let’s begin this December with Mariah Carey.

December & Advent 🎄

Today I started to decorate for Christmas. It is a suitable day since it is dark and snowy. Molly, the new little cutie, has not enough fur, so she cannot stay outdoors for so long. She needs to have clothes on to stay warm so she will get a coat.

Yesterday I contributed. I donated blood. I have the most common blood type so a lot of people can use my donation. My plasma is enough for three patients I was told. I like to receive the text message that the blood has been used for a patient in need. My Hb is now a little low so I have to have the iron pills.

It might look a bit scary, but I show my donation. This it how it works. Maybe I can inspire more people to donate. You never know if you might need blood yourself one day. Give and take.

To become a blood donor in Sweden

  • You must be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • You must weigh at least 50 kg.
  • You must be healthy.
  • You must have a valid Swedish identity document with a Swedish personal identity number.
  • Your hemoglobin concentration (Hb) must be at least 125 g/L for women or 135 g/L for men.

Black Friday

Tomorrow is Black Friday. It has become a really commercial day, but it works. A day like this in November is needed. I have a day off, and it is a busy day. Dentist was fine, and after that two hours of exercise. Sharing some inspiring sports music. I really like this song 🇩🇰.

Now I am off to find some Black Friday coffee, and I will also donate some blood.



Life is a lot about learning, and I have dedicated this autumn to refresh my pharmacology knowledge. It takes time to develop new medicines, and interestingly, there is always something new on the market. An old substance has been modified or a whole new drug has been developed. In addition, law changes, the internet and computer systems develop, drugs can interfere with each other etc. An indication of a drug may vary, a new way of administering a drug is developed, recommended age for usage is increased or lowered and so on. Yesterday and today I have been on a quiz (“På spåret”) with my colleagues at work (see Linkedin). Most of all, we have had great fun, but we were also challenged with difficult questions on pharmacy work.

I still search for old and new music. This evening I thought of Dr Alban. Probably because I am going to the dentists tomorrow. And also donate blood.


I fancy languages. That is a big hobby of mine. Danish was very difficult for me to understand, but I think I would learn quickly since I know Norwegian. As usual, Danes and Norwegians understand me better. I have to speak English. What I did was just to listen to Danish, and I liked the melody.

Languages are like music to me. I browsed the internet for a representative song where Danish language is in focus. Here is a kind of a dogma song. Can you pick up some words? By the way, I am content – I found a Danish flag.