Monthly Archives: July 2020

Sunday recovery

I miss sweetie and cutie. I went for a long walk today but no dogs. I know that they have a good time in the countryside – eating fresh blueberries in the forest. I made a nice lunch with pasta, fish and sallad after walking. Still reading about healthy food. To change some shopping habits. More ecological food. But ecological baking powder, is that possible?

Little life. No travelling. Only walks. Home made food. Delicious food. Fresh fruit. Vitamins. Swedish tomatoes. Mediterranean life in Scandinavia. The Swedish vegetables being harvested, filled with so much energy. More walks. Recovery. Muscle pain. Stretch. Music. Life goes on.

Corona summer.

Sporty Friday

It is so nice that it is summer. I enjoy. I have had a day off and that means exercise of some kind. Must say that I love sports. I have lost some strength, but I feel that I can catch it up. I have changed running for walking instead. Don’t feel for running now during Corona virus time. It is beautiful to walk by the water in Stockholm. After training, I made my own sports mini bars this evening. Very tasty, and I think I will put some chocolate on them. Fresh and healthy!

Global access to messenger (m)RNA vaccine?

Pharmaceutical companies are working a lot on a mRNA vaccine to prevent COVID-19. I really hope that they carefully will choose a proper candidate. I still do not feel comfortable since the situation is not under control. You have to think of protecting yourself. But, by doing that you also protect your fellow beings.

However, it is a very nice summer. Sometimes sunny, and sometimes rainy. Good for berries, fruit and mushrooms. This morning I thought that I should play a summer song. It is tricky to find an appropriate song due to the current situation. Bob Dylan’s “Blowin´ in the wind” feels good now.


Summertime is time for philosophy, because you have the time and it is easier to think in a more relaxed state. I thought of intuition today. Or maybe the so called gut feeling you should trust, or even not trust in some cases. I remember I listened to a summer radio program where a Swedish 🇸🇪military of some kind had been stationed in Bosnia-Herzegovina 🇧🇦. They were a group of a few persons and they were sent to a deserted town for patrol. It was empty. Very quiet, and suddenly one of them had a feeling that they should leave. Something felt wrong but he did not know what. And they did right. Ten minutes later a bomb exploded. Afterwards, he remembered that he had scented something in the air reminding him of explosives. That is intuition. Everything you have experienced is a memory. With a possitive or negative value, and that helps you to make unconscious decisions. For survival. The brain reward system is somehow connected to these decisions.

Interesting, don’t you agree? Or what is your opinion on intuition?


It has been such a sunny and nice day. I have been on a long two hours walk. Just like I did in Rome last summer. Walking. I usually never go anywhere during summer since it is so nice in Sweden, but last summer was an exception. The best time of the year. Easy living. The Corona virus makes my life a little slower. I need to plan more. And I don’t like to be in public places more than necessary. Social distancing. Lockdown. Quarantine.

I am found of sweets, and since I had time today I made my own cup cakes. Healthy but still good. And I have my lemon water. Little things in life but so important for me. Returning to five hours training per week.