Daily Archives: 3 August, 2020

Raspberries & blueberries

We are in the beginning of August. Still social distancing and hand washing. I also sometimes use a medical face mask. I know it doesn’t protect 100%, but it is a reminder of distancing. It is a strange time era, but I am impressed that we have been able to adjust to the situation. I have been very devoted and also focused on work since I have been reminded of the time when I worked during the Swine flu. At that time we had Tamiflu®. Now we can only trust dedicated and skilled medical doctors with hands on knowledge.

This is serious. But I also understand that people want to relax. It is summertime and vacations. Since I am moving, it felt good to return to the home were I grew up this weekend. Sweetie (Lady) and Cutie (Molly) were in perfect shape. Molly keeps Lady busy which makes her very sporty. We went for a walk and they found blueberries.