Daily Archives: 6 August, 2020

Work and leisure

As I wrote, I have been dedicated to work, more than usually, because I think it is serious with the Corona virus. It is even more important now to stay professional to help as much as possible. But you also need to relax so it was very nice to see sweetie and cutie last weekend. I would like to go running, but I am more into walking. I have had my bicycle to service. There was a time when I always went bicycling, but I was hit by a car, and after that I felt lucky that I wasn’t injured. Bicycles are also attractive for thefts. But what can you do?

The international arena has been rather calm, but a bomb exploded recently in Beirut. The Corona virus has hampered some conflicts in the world but it is now a catastrophe in Lebanon. President Macron is already there. Let’s continue to keep a good spirit. To stay calm and day by day get closer to a clinically available vaccin.