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Disney land 🇫🇷/world 🇺🇸

Is it ok to have chocolate after exercise? I really have mixed feelings about that, but that is a reason why I do training. Chocolate is my weakness. I did spinning today and my heart beats at 80%. Looking forward to exercise on Sunday again. Recovery is important.

News are writing about the American election. Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Right or left? The debate is heating up and is already affecting the stock market. America makes it easy for voters. Two parties. Trump has soon served four years as President of the United States. He has put America first, but he should put some focus on the climate since the air that we breath is global. He refused to sign important global agreements. They only talk about tax right now. It will be interesting to follow.

A few years ago I went to Vietnam to visit a previous collegue in HCMC (Saigon). I took the opportunity to see more of Vietnam and stayed in Hanoi for New Year where this photo is from. I am grown up in a conservative family, perhaps that is the reason for my interest in the opposite. Communism. From a historical view it was interesting since both France and the USA have been in Vietnam. No music this evening, but a Disney photo.

Developing medicine

Every day is a battle. Not like the battle of Hastings though (14th of Oct 1066). Perhaps I exaggerate. But there are people dying due to COVID-19 every day. News are talking about the Estonia crisis, and I think that is because we need something to relate to. To make the current situation more understandable. Anyway, every day is a progress.

Pharmaceutical companies are working with the development of vaccins. I thought of other approaches this morning. There are available pharmacological tools that can help to reduce transmission of viral infections. But I really hope someone will find a totally new approach and being as protective as a vaccin. A totally new concept. That could involve something that prevents being infected. I am not so good at brainstorming right now. New ideas. These viruses resembles each other and next virus will probably also cause big troubles.

Distancing and washing. Not touch your face. Thought of sweetie (Lady) and cutie (Molly) this evening. They are always in such a good mood. Sharing this Lady song 🎶.

Sella Turcica

Neuroanatomy. The brain has some amusing names, and Sella Turcica has an interesting place in the brain. It forms the seat for a gland (the pituitary) which controls most endocrine systems in the body. Diverse processes such as metabolism, growth, water balance are tightly regulated by the pituitary gland.

It is getting darker in the evenings, and the hormone melatonin plays a role in rhythms of wake/sleep. It is produced mainly during the dark phase of the circadian cycle in a gland rather close to the pituitary gland. Melatonin regulates seasonal changes in various aspects of physiology and neuroendocrine functions. Something that we notice now. At least I get more sleepy wintertime. And some people cannot sleep. Complicated. Still a few weeks to go, but soon we will turn back the clock to standard time. Time for tea and candles again.

Neuroendocrinology is complex, but very interesting since it integrates anatomy, hormonal systems, cells, receptors, environment, gender, age etc. These are all important factors in integrated pharmacology.

Enough about this. I am happy about my exercise. Will recover for a few days. Training do have a good effect on the whole body. In particular balance.

On law(s)

My main hobbies are writing and sports. And photography of course. When I wrote my books, I felt like a student. A little like doing the PhD again. My year in France was not wasted. Since I am not into pharmacology anymore, I felt happy that I had my knowledge in languages that I could rely on and develop. I didn´t write in French, but I remembered how important and difficult it is to use good language.

For communication and understanding.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until her recent death. Bill Clinton nominated her. Amy Coney Barrett is currently nominated by Donald Trump to replace Ginsburg. Judging should not be political since law should be regulated by law books with paragraphs. American law is different compared to eg EU law. Newspapers sometimes write some about judging in the USA, sentences that never would have been possible in the EU.

I stay at the Ally Mcbeal level. In Uppsala I met some people studing law, and the competition was high. They said that some students hid books for other law students. True or not, I don´t know. You needed a good grade so you could get a better position at next level in law studies.

Studies are over, but you constantly need to update your knowledge. New laws get into practice. Unfortunately, you need this knowledge to be able to see the whole picture.


90 minutes training. Fast heart beats. After measuring my maximum heart rate, I can push myself a little more. Yes, I admit. I have been lazy. It is relaxing just to walk. Cosy.  A few years ago my maximum pulse suddenly dropped. Maybe I had an infection of some kind. That is why I stopped measuring.  It is ok now, and I feel the difference. I am exhausted.  My watch was kind and registered 1000 kcal.  Maybe balancing this Oreo chocolate I had the other day.

The Corona virus did that I lost interest in doing sports. I started to walk. With careful washing and distancing I am back on track. Saturday evening is here and I share some peaceful music. Once in a while, I find unknown artists, and this singer has a beautiful voice.  She makes a good interpretation of this well known song.