Daily Archives: 2 September, 2020


I follow the Navalny affair and he is in coma. He was poisoned by the cholinesterase inhibitor novichok, a chemical substance often used during the Soviet era. This was demonstrated by German doctors, and hours ago Chancellor Angela Merkel made a clear political statement adressed to the EU, NATO and not the least the Russian government. It is interesting to note that this nerve agent was used to poison the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Britain two years ago (The Guardian). What is the Russian message? It will be interesting to follow the political development, especially from UK prime minister Boris Johnson.

I continue with my exercise and I get tired, so I am happy to have vacation at home. I do not know why, but German techno is often played during this tough spinning. Or maybe I paid attention to it today since I thought of Navalny´s medical treatment in Germany.

I am ending this day with a scene from the movie “The Lion King”.