Daily Archives: 5 September, 2020


The virus unites the world. It is global which is part of the definition of a pandemic. In the beginning I did not hear much from India, but today news reported that the Corona virus is very active in Asia. I went for a little walk just to run a few necessary errands. It is like usual. People are rather close again. I carried my face mask with me just in case. By the way, I do not understand why there is so much talk about face masks. I definitely know that it is not 100% protective, but it is a reminder of distancing. It is not about performing surgery. Maybe it is better with those masks that are handmade with various material and colours. It becomes less “charged” – less emotional.

During this hemester I have spent some time writing. To keep my writing up and going. I like music, and of course I share when I find something. This evening I share “Imagine”. My French favourite musician David Guetta is singing for a few seconds. I like the piano.