Daily Archives: 6 September, 2020

Waiting for inspiration

Yes, I try to keep my writing up and going, and I really hope that I can start to write my next book. I got so attached to the characters in the book so I guess I needed a break from them. It demands quite a lot of energy and focus so therefore I am doing some training. That helps me to stay at a certain energy level. Spinning today. With music of course. Ended this day by making apple pie.

I liked the song “Imagine”. In fact, my own imagination got started and I thought of when I have travelled. Alone, but I have always been lucky to meet open minded people who also loves to travel. I have a special memory of the Petrona Towers in Malaysia when David Guetta was played in open air. It was warm and humid. The day after I listened to a classical concert in the same towers. Unique music tower area. A little like this. Astrid is interpreting David Guettas “When love takes over”. Again, beautiful piano music in open air.