Daily Archives: 12 September, 2020

Kallocain and Navalny

Right now The Guardian is one of the best presenters of the current pandemic news. They write some about Navalny, and that he will be interrogated by Russian police. Chancellor Angela Merkel made a strong statement, but I think they will use diplomacy towards Russia. Navalny was poisoned on Russian territory which makes it complicated.

I thought of the famous book written by Boye, namely “Kallocain”. Where governments use drugs to make people relieve their innermost thoughts. To have total control over society in general. Books like “1984” by Orwell popped up as well. And so on. These are books I read when I was a teenager.

It is weekend. I relax and did some work out today. Everything takes more time, but by being careful it is possible. Made the brownies. Lots of chocolate and they are sweet. But it is Saturday!