Daily Archives: 18 September, 2020

TGIF and Maximum heart rate

A day off. Easy to do just nothing. But I did my exercise and I am rather tired now. I have my watch that keeps track of me. I do not know if it shows correct information, but anyway, it is good company. And also, a little diary so I remember my training. Of course I miss sweetie and cutie. Normally, when I run, I go for walks afterwards with them, and they just love that. They just hate to wait for me.

I do some spinning now, and now when I have moved, I am a closer to work. I have no excuse of not going by bicycle. It is very nice to listen to music when doing exercise, and music motivates. Keeps my heart beat. Today I decided that I need to measure my maximum heart rate. Will find somebody who will help me with that. So I can go for more accurate pulse rate zones.

Yes, good music motivates. Sharing some this Friday. Little scary movie, but the music is good.