Daily Archives: 19 September, 2020

Mixed emotions

Swine flue, Corona virus, Season flue. Virus, virus and virus. It is serious, and at the same time you have to try to live a normal life. Maybe that is why I write again this evening. I do not understand. There has been so much information, and still people sneeze without using anything for protection. Allergy or not. It doesn’t matter. I put my medical face mask on immediately since I strongly believe that you can avoid being contaminated if you are careful. I have stayed at home in quarantine as much as possible, but today I had to buy a few necessary things. I do not have much make up, but I cannot be without make up. I needed to refill. And also some tea. I have had coffee lately, but now I need to go for tea and honey. My South American mate that I also sometimes keep in my bag.

Mankind has been through a lot, and during my lifetime catastrophes like the Estonia crisis, 9/11, Tsunami in Thailand, Utøya, Swine flue etc have caused much suffering. I feel sorry for the old people who have passed away in Sweden. Probably because I know how it feels to lose a parent. We have higher mortality compared to other countries, that is why it is extra important to be concerned. But the government will raise the pensions as compensation.

When I started to write I wanted to share something entertaining like an amusing scene with Julia Roberts. To think of something fun instead. Not only Corona. Found this beautiful and touching song. Important to put things in perspective. Mankind has been through various crisis, and we will go through this as well.

Stay safe!