Daily Archives: 20 September, 2020

People and pandemic behaviours

This Corona virus might be inspiration for my next book since it is an ethical virus. I need to read some before start writing again. Perhaps I should re-read “La peste” by Camus. It is like watching a movie again. A film you have seen years ago might be different since you have accumulated additional life experience. That gives a new perspective to the movie or the book.

Human behaviours have changed due to Corona. Distancing is important. But people want to stay in herds. People do not want to be alone. I push myself to do exercise whenever I can. Like today. Indoor cycling is good for me. I can keep distance, and I really hope that people stay home if they are sick. If everything is ok, I will measure my maximum pulse rate on Tuesday. That will be tough.

Yesterday, I wrote about this worrisome and stressing Corona. Tried to put it in perspective. This evening, I will share some dancing music. Patric Swayze is somewhere, he was very popular when I went to high school. This is how close people want to be, but it is not possible.

I miss sweetie and cutie. I saw a dachshund the other day, reminding a little of Molly, even though she is a Cocker. Ended this day with tacos for dinner.

Stay safe!