Daily Archives: 21 September, 2020

Viral group dynamic

Hi again. Sometimes I have things to write about, and some days are just empty pages. It is very interesting to note how group dynamics have changed due to the Corona virus. A little like I wrote yesterday. We want to stay close but cannot. No hugs. I could give sweetie and cutie hugs, and they liked it. And it was mutual.

I know I have associations that are rare, and when I thought about this viral group dynamic, I thought about “Lord of the flies” by William Golding. That is an old classic book from the 1950s. Themes include the tension between groupthink and individuality. Human nature is sometimes raw, and this book touches upon mortality and immortality. These subjects will always be interesting since we do not have any answers. And it is premature to give clear yes or no answers. Rather discussions instead.

I am lucky that I have this diary where I can keep writing, while not writing a book. Maybe you would like to know where I got the idea of this blog “Anna´s Diary”. I met Cecilia Wijnbladh and she said some very interesting and important things that I have thought of. It is very sad that she has passed away. But it feels good that she made me associate to this title “Anna´s Diary”. I have forgotten, but it deserves to be documented, and also, she is honoured. She was very educated with regard to military and literature. And she educated the Swedish military.

I suppose I have started to think of books since I am preparing myself a little on writing my next book. I know I will write more about Greten. But the theme? Individuality? She will just start high school. When I studied at high school we watched movies with no subtitles to learn English. Julia Roberts was very popular and we saw this film I remember. Maybe somebody reads this from that time. I don´t know. Anyway, here she has dinner.