Daily Archives: 22 September, 2020

Axel Oxenstierna 🇸🇪 and Chinese medicine 🇨🇳

No travelling. Stay at home. I have travelled a lot by myself, but interestingly, I have been more alone when traveling with company. People are more open when they notice that you are by yourself. Recent years I have read a lot before travelling to a new country. I have put my historical knowledge in context with what I have read from travelling books and other. With some life experience you also learn about international emotions. How countries feel after being occupied by other countries. Or revolutions. New governments and constitutions. Like in Minsk in Belarus right now. The people in Belarus are frustrated and they want help from the EU🇪🇺 summit.

Axel Oxenstierna did a lot for Swedish Military in the 15th century. Much of this development is still in practice. He did some simple basic changes. I thought of him today since I have had some pain in my shoulders. I should have some anti-inflammatory medicin, but I will instead learn some about alternative medicine. Yes. Chinese medicine. To broaden my views.

I ended this day by measuring my maximum pulse rate. Since I like to measure and evaluate, this will be a good tool for me for future training in pulse zones. Quarantine is not forgotten. I like watching talk shows and here is Tom Hanks. Stay safe!