Daily Archives: 24 September, 2020

Tea or Coffee?

Every day is different. I try to notice cosy little things day-to-day. This morning was beautiful. Mist by the water. A little middle age feeling. Stockholm is a rather old town, and sometimes you can feel the wings of history. In particular in Old town. I go there sometimes when I want to escape. To go to a café and pretend that I am in Paris. With an espresso.

Coffee or tea. With milk or sugar? Or perhaps both. What kind of person are you? I wish we had more of afternoon tea tradition in Sweden. But at least we have fika (rast). However, both are good. I also saw a dog this morning resembling Molly. A Cocker looking a little like a Dachshund. Not the same colour though. I know she is safe.

Lately, I have remembered things like movies and songs that are good. Perhaps that is a way of cheering me up. To keep the spirit up while struggling with the Corona. This evening I share Ally Mcbeal. This scene makes me smile, and smiling is my best medicine against Corona right now. Cheers.