Daily Archives: 25 September, 2020

Law and Ally Mcbeal

Another Corona day. With smile and energy. When I do exercise I get energy, and I was very happy about my max pulse rate that I measured this week. I need training to endure this, may I say, damn virus. I never say bad words. And if I happen to do that, people tell me that I shouldn’t say bad words because it doesn’t fit me. I am not the right person to do that, I have learnt. So dear reader, don’t get mad at me. I know I should keep my mouth shut.

Yes. Ally Mcbeal was popular when I studied at Uppsala. One of my best friends said that I looked lik her. And I laughed. Couldn´t understand what she meant. I have always liked law since it involves a lot of rethorics. You need to know how to argue for a standpoint. Moreover, you also need to have a lot of knowledge. I work as a pharmacist and you need to know much about laws. There are so many restrictions and various regulations at different levels.

A lot of medical doctors fight daily against the Corona. I have worked with some but then at a research level. Will write more about that next week. Anyway, found this Ally Mcbeal Barry White interpretation.