Daily Archives: 26 September, 2020


90 minutes training. Fast heart beats. After measuring my maximum heart rate, I can push myself a little more. Yes, I admit. I have been lazy. It is relaxing just to walk. Cosy.  A few years ago my maximum pulse suddenly dropped. Maybe I had an infection of some kind. That is why I stopped measuring.  It is ok now, and I feel the difference. I am exhausted.  My watch was kind and registered 1000 kcal.  Maybe balancing this Oreo chocolate I had the other day.

The Corona virus did that I lost interest in doing sports. I started to walk. With careful washing and distancing I am back on track. Saturday evening is here and I share some peaceful music. Once in a while, I find unknown artists, and this singer has a beautiful voice.  She makes a good interpretation of this well known song.