Daily Archives: 28 September, 2020

Sella Turcica

Neuroanatomy. The brain has some amusing names, and Sella Turcica has an interesting place in the brain. It forms the seat for a gland (the pituitary) which controls most endocrine systems in the body. Diverse processes such as metabolism, growth, water balance are tightly regulated by the pituitary gland.

It is getting darker in the evenings, and the hormone melatonin plays a role in rhythms of wake/sleep. It is produced mainly during the dark phase of the circadian cycle in a gland rather close to the pituitary gland. Melatonin regulates seasonal changes in various aspects of physiology and neuroendocrine functions. Something that we notice now. At least I get more sleepy wintertime. And some people cannot sleep. Complicated. Still a few weeks to go, but soon we will turn back the clock to standard time. Time for tea and candles again.

Neuroendocrinology is complex, but very interesting since it integrates anatomy, hormonal systems, cells, receptors, environment, gender, age etc. These are all important factors in integrated pharmacology.

Enough about this. I am happy about my exercise. Will recover for a few days. Training do have a good effect on the whole body. In particular balance.