Daily Archives: 29 September, 2020

Developing medicine

Every day is a battle. Not like the battle of Hastings though (14th of Oct 1066). Perhaps I exaggerate. But there are people dying due to COVID-19 every day. News are talking about the Estonia crisis, and I think that is because we need something to relate to. To make the current situation more understandable. Anyway, every day is a progress.

Pharmaceutical companies are working with the development of vaccins. I thought of other approaches this morning. There are available pharmacological tools that can help to reduce transmission of viral infections. But I really hope someone will find a totally new approach and being as protective as a vaccin. A totally new concept. That could involve something that prevents being infected. I am not so good at brainstorming right now. New ideas. These viruses resembles each other and next virus will probably also cause big troubles.

Distancing and washing. Not touch your face. Thought of sweetie (Lady) and cutie (Molly) this evening. They are always in such a good mood. Sharing this Lady song 🎶.