Daily Archives: 30 September, 2020

Disney land 🇫🇷/world 🇺🇸

Is it ok to have chocolate after exercise? I really have mixed feelings about that, but that is a reason why I do training. Chocolate is my weakness. I did spinning today and my heart beats at 80%. Looking forward to exercise on Sunday again. Recovery is important.

News are writing about the American election. Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Right or left? The debate is heating up and is already affecting the stock market. America makes it easy for voters. Two parties. Trump has soon served four years as President of the United States. He has put America first, but he should put some focus on the climate since the air that we breath is global. He refused to sign important global agreements. They only talk about tax right now. It will be interesting to follow.

A few years ago I went to Vietnam to visit a previous collegue in HCMC (Saigon). I took the opportunity to see more of Vietnam and stayed in Hanoi for New Year where this photo is from. I am grown up in a conservative family, perhaps that is the reason for my interest in the opposite. Communism. From a historical view it was interesting since both France and the USA have been in Vietnam. No music this evening, but a Disney photo.