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Blue moon 🌕, and other universal news

It is Halloween. A peaceful, but also a sad weekend. To remember those who have past away, and also, be aware of present life and living. A candle light weekend. Yesterday, I was lucky. I found poetry by Louise Glück. In stock again. A book written in the language of flowers – The Wild Iris. I saw an interview with her and, from what I understand, she is writing close to death. This weekend is an opportunity to give a thought to people who have passed away. All suffering and all who have died due to COVID-19. I believe it is too much for us to cope with. Maybe there is some comforting poetry from nobel price winner Glück. That is why this is an appropriate weekend to read her. Trick or read!

The Corona virus is currently active in a second wave. France and England are very precautious and strict lockdowns are to come. The fact that PM Boris Johnson has suffered from COVID-19 might understandably lead to extra precautions. I am happy that the health authorities in Sweden advise people to be more careful. Stay at home. I wish medical decisions shouldn’t be political. No ostrich policy please.

On top of this, France is struggling with `islamist terrorist´ stabbings. In response to these attacks, President Macron has deployed extra military troops to protect Christian churches and schools. When I read the news, I got a feeling that the diplomatic exchange is tense between France and Turkey with other countries. President Macron has described the acts as “Islamist separatism”. Strong words.

I write about these attacks because this affects us as well. Muslims are living over the whole world, and the internet communication is rapid. Seconds, or rather milliseconds for the word to be spread. How can religion be balanced to avoid future terrorist attacks?

Yes, a lot happens in the world, and I remember that it was not long ago there were bombings in Sweden. That is forgotten now, but I get a little extra alert when I read about the attacks in France. To relax, and to forget some about religion and the Corona virus, I have been walking. I went for a walk an evening this week. Almost rain, not so cold. Humid. Dark but street lights. Suddenly, when I was going to cross a road, I saw the moon. It was so close and it surprised me! Unusual. The sky is different in town compared to the countryside. Since the moon was so different, I had to google. Found that it is special, something called blue moon. And that is when there are two full moons in one calendar month. Last time was in March 2018, please see:

Happy Halloween with lots of tricks or read. For inspiration to education. Ending this weekend writing with a “blue moon song”. There are actually a lot of music inspired by blue moon.

Winter Time

Fall back. Day light saving time tonight. Again. It feels like I shifted the clocks back yesterday. I really hope that we could have a standard time during the whole year. It doesn’t take more than ten minutes to change time, but maybe it is the fact that it is a reminder of autumn and winter to come. I know I have to wait til the end of December for brighter days. So much talk about time, but time is so important.

The Corona virus hampers life activities. I am very careful with distancing and hand washing as usual. Now it is even more important since the season flu arrives. Even though I don’t belong to a risk group I do not know if I carry a sensitivity for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms. The media do not talk much about this. It will be interesting to follow various analyzes when this will be over with. History will tell if Sweden has been subjected to genocide compared to other Nordic countries. I believe we can compare with countries close by since we have the same climate and other similar conditions.

In the beginning of November an important election will take place in the USA. Biden or Trump? Not so much in the news yet, but that is understandable due to the Corona virus. Today I saw something about Biden talking Bush. But that is good if they stay friends. Opposite attracts perhaps?

As usual, I wish that you take care of yourselves. Hand washing and distancing. I continue with sports and I am going for spinning tomorrow. An hour later though. Sharing a photo with sweetie and cutie. Last taste of summer. Dog walks have to wait.

C’est logique 🇫🇷

Currently, a lot happens in France. Recently, a teacher was beheaded in a terror attack in Paris. France mourns. Macron has introduced stricter directives with regard to COVID-19. Stay at home in the evenings, and not more than 6 persons for dinner, celebrations etc. I would very much like to go to Paris for a weekend, but that has of course to wait. Meanwhile I think of writing. I was going to buy poetry by Louise Glück, but she was already sold out. She has written some with inspiration from flowers that I am looking forward to read. When I studied French it was always emphasized that everything in writing must be logical – c’est logique. And that has followed me throughout life. Therefore, I am very eager to read Louises’ poetry and see how she tells her stories.

It has been a beautiful day. Little chilly though. Spinning was good. A new week ahead.

Stay safe 🐾

Work out

To be able to read I need to do my exercise. During Corona I try to do at least four hours per week. Various training. This evening strength, which I really need to focus on. I hope weather will be good tomorrow (no rain) so I can go for a walk. Yoga on Thursday. Spinning on Sunday. Missing sweetie (Lady) and cutie (Molly). I have been running for a few years, and the photo above is after running. Always dog walk after running. They are very happy and eager. Nice with memories, and this is one of the few autumn photos I have.

I must admit that it feels a bit strange. The Corona virus is still active and dangerous. It would be so convenient to return to life before COVID-19, but that is not possible. Hand washing and distancing are still the best available protections against COVID-19.

Stay safe 🐾

Nobel poetry

Since I am very found of literature, I was interested in today´s announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2020. The American poet Louise Glück was awarded.

“For her unmistakable poetic voice that with austere beauty makes individual existence universal”

I am glad poetry was awarded. Poetry is so private and personal. Self-disclosed. To put words on emotions. Make descriptions. To explain the complicated with a few simple words. I am more into photography today. That is my poetry right now.

The Nobel prize in literature is also political. It says a lot about the current political winds in the world. In some parts of the world people are suppressed by the regime. You are not allowed to write freely. However, I am lucky since we have freedom of speech, and not the least press freedom in Sweden. In brief, internet freedom.

Writing is beautiful and I must say that I love languages. I can listen to a language, not understand anything, and still I find it fascinating. Words, intonations and the whole melody of the language. That is why I liked when Bob Dylan was awarded 2016. Music and poetry belong together.

And don´t forget – stay safe! 🐾