Daily Archives: 13 October, 2020

Work out

To be able to read I need to do my exercise. During Corona I try to do at least four hours per week. Various training. This evening strength, which I really need to focus on. I hope weather will be good tomorrow (no rain) so I can go for a walk. Yoga on Thursday. Spinning on Sunday. Missing sweetie (Lady) and cutie (Molly). I have been running for a few years, and the photo above is after running. Always dog walk after running. They are very happy and eager. Nice with memories, and this is one of the few autumn photos I have.

I must admit that it feels a bit strange. The Corona virus is still active and dangerous. It would be so convenient to return to life before COVID-19, but that is not possible. Hand washing and distancing are still the best available protections against COVID-19.

Stay safe 🐾