Daily Archives: 12 September, 2021

bin Ladin 9/11

20 years ago New York and the whole USA were subjected to religious military terror attacks. In fact, the whole world was affected. I remember exactly where I was and what I did. At that time I did my PhD studies at the department of Pharmacology in Göteborg. It was difficult to understand that the terror attack was real. This could only happen in Universal Studios in Hollywood. World trade center in New York was gone and New York City fire department had to work 24 hours.

Memories have faded, but the traces of Ground zero are still there. People travel by plane again. Life could not be stopped.

Religion is, by no doubt, politics. In a week I will go voting. This is a political election for members in the church in Sweden. It is a little strange since religion should be separated from politics, but I will go voting since we live in a democratic country. I am very glad though, that every religion is allowed in Sweden. Not only christians.

I continue with my dog walks. Molly runs and Lady is more of a smooth walker. Sharing the song “walk of life” with Dire Straits.

Stay safe 🐾