Daily Archives: 26 September, 2021

Internet security and stability

My identity on facebook has been stolen. Some very nice friends sent me messages and told me that someone had posted in my name. I hope everything is fine now. I am working for internet freedom, and thereby also, internet stability. Of course I get upset when something like this happens. Anyone should. Technology has developed a lot the last decades. I remember when the first cellular phone entered the market. Big as a portfolio. Furthermore, the very first computer. Fax machines. And so on. The world has changed and has become digital. I hope these hackers will leave me alone now. We need internet stability.

On the political horizon changes are ongoing. Chancellor Angela Merkel is leaving her position after almost two decades representing Germany 🇩🇪. She has done a lot with her safe and smooth approach to other politicians throughout the world. Similar to Germany, Norway 🇳🇴 is changing from Erna Solberg to Jonas Gahr Støre. Solberg has also done a great job during her eight years as prime minister of Norway. The news papers have been overloaded with celebrations from Norway since they have decided to return to normal life after 1,5 years with corona restrictions.

Norway is celebrating non-pandemic restrictions. In addition, I was very happy to learn that ABBA has reunited during this pandemic. They released new music in London recently. To share some positive spirit, similar to Norway, I browsed the internet and found some ABBA.

Stay safe 🐾