Monthly Archives: October 2021

In the hood

Yes, gang-related violence seems to be accepted, and I feel upset about that. I am thinking about the tragic passing away of Einár. This is where politicians should act. But perhaps they don´t dare. They are afraid of losing votes. Youngsters need role models, and I think Einár did the very best he could in his life. I was hit by the thought that when Prime ministers and Presidents pull back from their posts, they should be committed to some kind of charity work in society.

I recently found some about previous American president Obama. He has given a speech thanking Chancellor Angela Merkel for contributing to world stability. See this tweet:

But next, what is Obama doing? He is getting some support from Bruce Springsteen. Politicians need to reach out to ordinary people like you and me. I think that we, voters, should demand more from post-politicians. They can do a lot in society by just being there. The young generation needs support and Obama should for example join Eminem.

European time

To the best of my knowledge, the European parliament is positive to change to no time change. No wintertime. No summertime. But not yet, because tomorrow we are changing to wintertime. Mini jet lag for me. I am happy anyway since I was lucky to go to my favorite exercise today. Sathurdays, two hours of training. Different kind of exercise though. And very popular.

While training, I remembered that when I lived in Gothenburg, I always went training Sundays quite early in the morning. The leader was very disciplined and made me go there. He must have been within the military or something, because I was always exhausted afterwards. I remember that he played Cher and “turn back time”. Nice to have memories. And I share music, but “turn back time” with Aqua.


French time

Wave of gang-related violence

A Swedish popular rapper, Einár, has been shot and killed in Stockholm. This is terrible and it breaks my heart. What are the motives? Only 19 years old. His breakthrough song was “Katten i trakten” (The cat in the area), and he has meant a lot to young people. Swedish authorities need to put the foot down, so to speak. Gang violence seems to be accepted.

By some reason, I thought of Avicii. A talented musician who passed away too early. So sad. My opinion is that music unites. Music brings people together regardless religion, human origin etc. Music is so important. Since this is a sad moment, I share a little melancholic song with Nirvana. Acoustic music is so beautiful to listen to. Let´s hope this gang violence will be stopped!

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), seasonal influenza and other viruses

We are not safe til everybody is safe. Life is still a bit hampered, but is slowly returning. Epidemiological authorities are of course dreaming of group immunity against COVID-19. However, it is important to remember that other viruses are active now, and that there are lots of reports of RS virus. This virus causes infections of the lungs and respiratory tract. It can cause severe infections in anyone with a weak immune system. So, keep staying safe!

My way of living with the Corona virus has been to be active. But with safety precautions. I have been extremely careful since I do not know my sensitivity to infection. Even though you are in good shape you can get symptoms that may last for very long. I have been off for a few days and that has been very good. My usual exercise, some afternoon tea, and I have been reading. Something that I havn´t done for a long time. There has been so much about the Talibans in the news, so I thought I should read Åsne Seierstad and learn about her experience in Afghanistan. Even though a pandemic is ongoing, foreign policy continue with various happenings throughout the world.

I mentioned that I have been walking Lady&Molly, and that reminded me of this melody. Bitter sweet life. I just love the sound of the violins in the background of this song.

Time for tea 🫖

Autumn is here, and it definitely is darker and colder. I return to my usual autumn-vinter habits by having tea. Home made cake, some afternoon tea and honey from the countryside. Very relaxing. I had some apples left, and also some frozen raspberries that I made cakes of. So cosy. Summer feels far away now by some reason.

Slowly, life is returning to life before the pandemic. I am happy that I have been able to go for training this year, and that Corona restrictions have been followed. Due to the pandemic, I have been walking Lady & Molly a lot, and they have been happy about that. This weekend I will not see them. Instead I will go for some other exercise. Since I have spent so much time with Lady & Molly this autumn, I thought of some Lady Gaga. Enjoy!