Daily Archives: 14 October, 2021

Time for tea 🫖

Autumn is here, and it definitely is darker and colder. I return to my usual autumn-vinter habits by having tea. Home made cake, some afternoon tea and honey from the countryside. Very relaxing. I had some apples left, and also some frozen raspberries that I made cakes of. So cosy. Summer feels far away now by some reason.

Slowly, life is returning to life before the pandemic. I am happy that I have been able to go for training this year, and that Corona restrictions have been followed. Due to the pandemic, I have been walking Lady & Molly a lot, and they have been happy about that. This weekend I will not see them. Instead I will go for some other exercise. Since I have spent so much time with Lady & Molly this autumn, I thought of some Lady Gaga. Enjoy!