Daily Archives: 31 October, 2021

In the hood

Yes, gang-related violence seems to be accepted, and I feel upset about that. I am thinking about the tragic passing away of Einár. This is where politicians should act. But perhaps they don´t dare. They are afraid of losing votes. Youngsters need role models, and I think Einár did the very best he could in his life. I was hit by the thought that when Prime ministers and Presidents pull back from their posts, they should be committed to some kind of charity work in society.

I recently found some about previous American president Obama. He has given a speech thanking Chancellor Angela Merkel for contributing to world stability. See this tweet:


But next, what is Obama doing? He is getting some support from Bruce Springsteen. Politicians need to reach out to ordinary people like you and me. I think that we, voters, should demand more from post-politicians. They can do a lot in society by just being there. The young generation needs support and Obama should for example join Eminem.