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Advent Sunday 🕯️

Advent is before time this year. I am happy that I have started to make my “lussekatter” early this year. Saffron is such a wonderful spice. It brings health and Christmas feel-good. This spice is harvested by hand from the Crocus sativus flower, largely cultivated in Iran and some other countries including Spain, India, and Greece. Saffron and its constituents are shown to possess several useful effects on for example learning and memory, and it has also been suggested to have anti-inflammatory effects. However, saffron requires further clinical- and animal studies.

The pandemic is still ongoing and is now very intense in South Africa. I searched among my photos and realized that it was long ago since I had any photos. This is due to the pandemic. I found this photo above and I like it very much. It is chilly, in some way sparkling, and also crispy. A winter concentrate. We still have a few weeks till Christmas.

                     Lussekatter 2021

Happy thanksgiving 🥳

Sweden has had a new Prime minister for a few hours, and this time a woman was elected for the very first time, namely Magdalena Andersson. It is rather messy politically in Sweden. Negotiations between various parties are ongoing. Magdalena Andersson has a promising background since she has been Minister of Finance. Economics is important, and it contributes to a solid ground for us, the citizens. Is she going to be a new Theresa May or Margaret Thatcher? Time will show. However, it will be interesting to see how she will build the new government.

America is celebrating Thanksgiving today. A lot of people are having some time off. I have already made my turkey, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts with cranberries. Couldn´t wait. It was delicious, and I am sharing a photo on Instagram. Searched for some American music 🇺🇸. First I thought of Bruce Springsteen, but since this is a historical moment from a political point of view in Sweden, why not Madonna? She always brings different and important topics up for discussion, and this is a nice song about something important – people. A huge subject.

Stay safe 🐾

Christmas mood

Soon the 24th of December. I mention it because I like this time of the year, and it is important to slow down and enjoy. It is dark. Rather chilly. My cheeks feel the wind when walking. As usual, I prepare myself for Christmas, and I do everything I can to get into the right mood. Maybe because I know that I need this December energy for the months after New Year. January, February, and Mars are unfortunately unavoidable. My little project this week is to make ginger cookies. It takes time but it brings a lot of tranquillity and to not forget, the flavour of Christmas.

I have shared quite a lot of music, and I missed the last time. I love the piano and I found this improvised INXS song. No Christmas music yet, but some beautiful piano.

Thanksgiving, industry and politics 🇺🇸

These last ten years I have been working, writing, traveling and also done some photography. And I have also found out that work and spare time cannot be separated. 24 hours. Through work, I have made a lot of friends, and perhaps some of you may read this! I am not sponsored since I prefer the free word. But tonight I get out of my comfort zone of writing. When I worked in Norway, the pharmacies had been bought by various chains, and I worked for Boots Pharmacies. It had been a change from privately owned pharmacies to pharmacies owned by various corporations. The availability of pharmacies increased. The same thing has happened in Sweden. Pharmacies owned by the government have been sold to different corporations. A switch, rather similar to Norway. This was a political decision. Politics meet the industry. And the industry must meet politicians. Whether they like it or not. Also in Sweden, the availability of pharmacies has increased.

I have always been interested in international relations ever since the times I studied at the university. I have now been working for Lloyds Pharmacies for quite a long time, and they have pharmacies in different countries. I like Lloyds, perhaps because my sweetie dog is called Lady. Stupid. I know. Lloyds Pharmacies are owned by McKesson, an American pharmaceutical company and they are now leaving us in the hands of a new company CEPD N.V. I have been several times to the USA and therefore I feel a connection. And I know that America is now celebrating Thanksgiving – the last Thursday in November. So this evening I bought some ingredients for turkey with sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts. Yammi! I liked this photo from McKesson supporting vaccination, and I share it below.

Through this change from governmental pharmacies to privately owned pharmacies, there has also been a change in working. Today it is more like European pharmacies. People travel. People learn new languages and this photo above is from a pharmacy in Rome, Italy. To end this writing I would like to say that it has been nice to get to know the American McKesson. Thank you for supporting vaccination!

Vaccination supported by McKesson (Linkedin)

COVID-19 pathology?

Time passes rapidly, and soon, another COVID year has passed. It has been an intense year. The Corona virus has forced me go cycling. Rather often I pass by a stable with horses, and I remember I was introduced  by Cecilia Wijnbladh to these beautiful English Shire horses when I had moved to Stockholm. I remember Oden, and I had a photo of his cute paws on the photo below. Such a calm and peaceful horse, and it seems like Oden is retired today; see:

At that time, I had been working for a few years in Norway, and it had been exceptional with the Swine flu. Today, 10 years later, we are fighting COVID-19. The pharmaceutical industry has developed vaccines against COVID-19, and currently the third vaccination is ongoing. We need to boost immunity.

The pandemic is posing a lot of questions, and it is indeed interesting. Also from a philosophical point of view. I was very surprised to learn that there actually are young medical doctors who are against vaccinations. I have been thinking about this and I cannot understand. What needs to be proved? Immunology is of course very intricate. Blood cells, interferons etc do exist. It is true, we do need a microscope to make them visible.

I have mentioned it before. This is a political virus, because everybody has an opinion. Moreover, it is an invisible enemy as President Macron said in the very beginning of the pandemic. This song is by Moby, and it is dedicated to all elderly people who have suffered so far in this pandemic.

Keep staying safe – and stay tuned!

                      Oden´s horse shoe