Daily Archives: 1 March, 2024

Addicted to Writing & Leisure

When I left Henry E. Rohlsen Airport in the USA I saw two military planes. That made me go back to attention again. The Ukraine-Russia war is ongoing. To stay alert is important. I always get the impression that life is easygoing in the USA. Perhaps just because I have always been on holiday when being there.  I have started with exercise again. Lifting weights makes me stronger. When I travelled, I could easily carry my luggage which also made me think of body-pump workout.

It is always good to change the way of living sometimes. I have safely returned to Stockholm. Yesterday, I went to see Molly since it was so fun to meet JJ. I believe JJ must be some kind of a dachshund. Just like Molly but with shorter legs. The train I usually catch to the countryside passes by the airport Arlanda. Yesterday there was some kind of fire on the railroad. I had to wait for hours. No buses. I just had to wait. Returning to the countryside made me return very fast to my habits and daily life.

I must admit that I would rather stay on the sofa than go for exercise this weekend. However, I know the music makes me in a good mood. I picked up the tune above at one of the airports, and I could not get it out of my mind. A real feel-good song.

Stay safe 🐾