Monthly Archives: April 2024

Weekend training

I would like to start jogging but it is too cold, especially since there is snow today. I do go bicycling rather often and that is of course fine. Mostly outdoors. This weekend is dedicated to exercise. Two hours today and two hours tomorrow. Perhaps on Sunday as well. Strength and pulse. It is a little strange, but when I do this type of exercise, I prepare mentally by thinking of the upcoming training.

I am having several cups of tea without caffeine so I will not get thirsty during training. It is important to stay focused to reduce injuries. I have been lucky though. I have only had a few problems with a knee a few years ago. After that, I learned how to stretch properly with a special balancing exercise.

Some friends have taught me how to use Snapchat. There are always new trends, technology, and other technical developments to learn. Today I am sharing a photo at the end of a spinning exercise class. It is also nice to take care of yourself and once in a while, I have a face mask after training – here is a Snapchat photo.

New energy

Once in a while I just need a change to find new inspiration. Just like I did when I went to London. It was rather warm in Stockholm when I returned. Today it has been snowing again. Good for my writing since I lit candles and stay at home. No jogging yet since I consider it to be too cold.

I got inspired in London. I could have stayed longer at the British Museum. So much to see. I saw something that caught my attention. Some kind of a citation as you can see above. A very beautiful sentence, I thought. Later, I found out that a famous British poet has this sentence in his “An Essay on Man”. Always challenging to interpret writing, but for me this is a reflection of humanity in words. The universe is explained in words instead of defining the universe by physics and biology. Words instead of molecules. Perhaps difficult to write the essay in Swedish since the English language is so diverse compared to Swedish.

Anyway, I have gathered new energy and I keep this beautiful sentence in my mind.

Inspiring London

It was really cold when I left Sweden. However, there is hope. My sunglasses were left at home, and I did bring my umbrella. I should start looking brighter on life. Why didn´t I bring my sunglasses?

I am not interested in crime writing even though I love movies such as James Bond. I went to a café in Bloomsbury to gather some energy after arrival. Found a nice coffee table surrounded by bookshelves. A scary-looking man was having a cup of coffee. I turned around and found a table by the window instead. As you see above, I had a photo shot and a Cortado coffee. A few minutes later, the man approached me, and asked “Are you, Jane?”. No, I said. “Sorry for bothering you,” he said. In this time of the Ukraine–Russia war, I felt uncomfortable. A few minutes later, I quickly went to the British Museum.

I had a lovely asparagus-spring salad lunch at the museum, and I bought a new notebook. Pages waiting to be filled with writing. I have had time to reflect on my previous work. Love and war. Where everything is allowed.

I strongly believe that some diseases, such as breast cancer or Alzheimer´s disease, have a genetic common denominator. You are born with a genetic sensitivity, and a disease may develop if environmental circumstances combine with genetic sensitivity. Environmental interplay with genetics: nature communications. State and/or trate? My mum suffered from Alzheimer´s disease, and it felt good to have a selfie next to the Egyptian Mummies at the British Museum.

Stay safe 🐾

New inspiration

I needed to return to where my writing started. A friend of mine moved to the UK in 2004. I visited her several times and I liked to stay in the UK. To find new inspiration, I went to the British Museum on Russell Street today. When I have traveled to various countries and been on guided tours, I have often heard that you can find out more at the British Museum in the UK.

There was a lot to see. I felt happy that I didn´t need to start from the beginning since I know quite a lot of history. Ancient Greece and Egypt for example. Or life after Napoleon.

A lot has happened during 2000 years. A few generations later.