Monthly Archives: May 2024

How do you spell queue?

I need more time to find the way forward for Molly´s book. To do that I need to deepen my knowledge in English so it will be more automatic when I speak. I have thought of writing Molly´s book in English, meaning I need to practice English.

Lady´s book started many years ago, and I have summarized my work, and I am still reflecting. Unfortunately, I rarely practice English in Sweden, and I have to think about spelling, grammar etc. For example, I was going to write the word queue, and all of a sudden, I could not spell. Instead, it felt like a mix of English and French. Que? Or Queue?

If I had more time, I would love to learn Spanish and Italian so I at least could speak. Since they derive from the same romance language family tree it should be possible.

To begin with, I will start listening to the BBC news, and I hope my English will be more automatic.

Molly´s book has begun.

Higher security level

I have noticed a kind of security awareness among people recently. The former commander in chief Sverker Göranson struggled to explain why we need to increase the Swedish security level. He was more or less laughed at I remember. Reality has changed. We are in a different mindset. People are prepared, including myself.

We are also living in a time of freedom of speech. Some actions are however dangerous I believe, and I do not know if we have to pay for this later by allowing people to burn the Coran in a public environment. Where should the line for freedom of speech be drawn? How can we protect our freedom of speech?

These are difficult questions to answer correctly, but politicians need to act more rapidly with determination. That would help us to feel secure in our society. Moreover, I underline that we contribute to security, and that finally we are showing solidarity with our Nordic neighbors.

Tomorrow I am going for my usual exercise. Interestingly, Streptococcus group A has been unusually aggressive this year. I hope some exercise will keep my immune system up and going. Since I love working out to music I share a tune with Swedish House Mafia. Despite times of Swifter.

Stay safe 🐾

Allergy and spring 🌿

COVID-19 made me go bicycling. I have had some trouble with my bicycle so I have been going by bus for a while. Going by public transport means waiting and sometimes waiting for the bus in the rain. Pollen is currently peaking and it is well known that rain reduces symptoms like itchy eyes for those severely affected by allergy.

We had snow in the beginningg of May. Last time I hope. Soon I will start jogging, I hope.