Daily Archives: 26 May, 2024

How do you spell queue?

I need more time to find the way forward for Molly´s book. To do that I need to deepen my knowledge in English so it will be more automatic when I speak. I have thought of writing Molly´s book in English, meaning I need to practice English.

Lady´s book started many years ago, and I have summarized my work, and I am still reflecting. Unfortunately, I rarely practice English in Sweden, and I have to think about spelling, grammar etc. For example, I was going to write the word queue, and all of a sudden, I could not spell. Instead, it felt like a mix of English and French. Que? Or Queue?

If I had more time, I would love to learn Spanish and Italian so I at least could speak. Since they derive from the same romance language family tree it should be possible.

To begin with, I will start listening to the BBC news, and I hope my English will be more automatic.

Molly´s book has begun.