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U2F, hackers and weekend

My training weekends are tough. To be somewhat efficient, I usually exercise for two hours with different activities combined. Usually fitness and strength. Instead of being addicted to e.g. nicotine, I am addicted to exercise. This is my reward. In addition, I get rid of negative energy. There are moments when you charge energy and there are also moments draining energy. Getting hacked is such example. An offence and intrusion of my privacy. But no evil that does not have something good with it. I have learned a bit along the way. Now I use Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) more frequently. A way to secure oneself against external attacks. Facial recognition works today, but AI will cause problems eventually.

The thought has crossed my mind that I don’t actually need to be online. But when it comes to computers, I was there when the first home computers were introduced. We even had programming on the schedule in high school. I remember asking the teacher for help when I had a doubt. He recognized what I had doneand moreover he said “It is good and it also gives results faster. But this is how you should think and act” he said.

Well. I find it exciting and interesting to follow the rapid IT development. I do think that Mark Zuckerberg should have some kind of staffed helpdesk where you can get help from. He should take some form of greater social responsibility because Facebook affects many individuals globally.

The presidential election is underway in the United States with the first presidential duel in Atlanta last week. Biden is old, but his wife Jill seems to be keeping track of him. First Lady is a big job and so far Jill has done a great job. Trump’s wife Melania is having a hard time and I do understand that after everything that happened with Stormy Daniels.

Now it is time for  focus for me. It is necessary in order not to get injured during training because I like jumping, shooting and coordination. Ending by sharing a photo from an amazing dinner in Nice with delicate and perfect service. Something that I will tell you about next time.

Until then, stay safe 🐾

Strawberry full moon

I have recently started to watch the BBC News. I do not live in an English-speaking country, therefore, I need to keep my language up and running. I recently learned about the Strawberry moon on the news, and I do agree that the June full moon has been beautiful. It was the Old Farmer’s Almanac, which first began publishing the names for the full moons in the 1930s. Anyway, I needed internet support to get my TV going for the BBC. I have stopped reading instruction books. Is that a failure?

Hackers are everywhere now. It has been terrible, and I have tried to solve this by myself. However, I needed professional IT support. Thank you Viktor and Philip. It turned out that I need to set up a new Facebook account. I am not very active on Facebook, but it is nice to have. Perhaps I will find new friends.

I love this time of the year. Summer has arrived and the temperature allows me to wear a T-shirt instead of a jacket. But I am happy that I went to France. Just in case it would be a rainy summer.

Stay safe 🐾

Hackers and summer

I am in the countryside sometimes, and I know that there is interest in what I write. Thank you, loyal readers! Glad that you are interested. Things happen locally in Stockholm like in the countryside, so I share the latest news from here. Reading what is happening locally in Stockholm at Östermalm and Gärdet may be fun.

Summer is here and I have been a little stressed about all the hackers that are everywhere. My phone has been hacked. Facebook is hacked a little here and there. My former supervisor Professor Jörgen Engel was hacked and we helped each other to put things right. Technology is not always easy, but I am blessed there is IT support.

Now I long for summer.

We need a break from everyday life where everything is a little easier. No gloves, hats, and thick jackets. A slightly happier atmosphere and, above all, we will soon have midsummer to celebrate and look forward to. I was in the countryside very recently, and Molly and I ended up in a photo.

Molly and I wish everyone a nice summer. A very much-needed recovery from hackers and other things.


Stay safe 🐾

To vote

Voting is important for democracy. No matter what party. I do not know why, but last Sunday I actually thought of that there has been a time when women were not allowed to vote. Difficult to even imagine. I miss Angela Merkel in European politics. It was when she disappeared everything started with Russian aggression. We need women in politics to balance the man power in the world. She has qualities that are rare to find today. Something extra is required to be able to destabilize pro-Russian groups.

However, I am so happy about my voyage to France. I walked some every morning since I am preparing for jogging. Tomorrow I will go jogging, heading at 5 kilometers since it was such a long time ago. Indeed, I do go bicycling but it cannot be compared to jogging.

Stay safe 🐾