Daily Archives: 6 June, 2024

European Parliament

We mustn’t forget to vote this weekend. I was especially reminded of this because I received a reminder from the WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature). Animals are not politics, I thought. Do not get the animals involved in politics was my immediate reaction. After a closer reflection and at a calmer stage, it is after all, the case that European politics affects our animals and nature.

I hope and believe that the farmers have easier to harvest. In addition, is also more convenient to travel within the EU. A few decades ago, there was a lot of talk about the Euro. I would like to vote no. To vote yes, I need very strong arguments. The UK still has its currency and it seems to be working for them. Norway also says no. On the other hand, without much knowledge, perhaps the Euro would facilitate Swedish trade because the Swedish krona is not internationally known, unlike the British pound.

I remember before the Swedish entry into the European Parliament, there was a lot of discussion about how the EU would regulate our everyday life. However, with the parliament’s subsidiarity principle, the size of cucumbers would not be regulated at EU level, it was said. We would also be allowed to keep the snuff. Where are we today some 30 years after European membership?

Well, some thoughts about Europe. However, the basic idea is to preserve peace and stability. This has thankfully been strengthened with our Swedish entry into NATO. Imagine that Sweden could actually have been Ukraine to get a realistic picture of the political security situation today.

Stay safe 🐾