Daily Archives: 7 July, 2024

Training Status and Photographic memory

I promise I will return and tell you more about my Michelin dinner in France. I love cooking and I have previously explained that cooking is like organic chemistry. I have saved the menu, and I will share it with you later.

Currently I am focusing on training, and I have done two hours today. A little tired, and I need recovery. In the middle of August I will join Midnattsloppet in Stockholm which is 10 kilometers in the evening. It will be challenging since I have done som much cycling, but I do remember jogging. In worst case scenario I have to walk some. But I will join! I get new energy so I can continue fight hacking.

I had to remove all my cookies and that was good, but I got some new problems with login. Anyway, to stop thinking of data cookies I made some American blueberry cup cakes. Perhaps you remember that I am very found of blueberries. This is the time of the year for fresh berries. I have these cakes instead of candy. Lady always went to the forest with me searching blueberries.

Molly´s book is still in the first stage of writing. I am looking for a new way of writing. My education is biological, and it is a challenge to find words instead of molecules. Right now I am focusing on how people, with no more than basic biological knowledge, explain complex biology with words. I remember reading Antonio Damasio, and even though it is more than 20 years ago I read his work, he has inspired me a lot.

Perhaps, some pharmaceutical companies read this. When I do exercise I often think of my muscle memory, something that I would like to learn more about. By studying a mechanism, and eg learning how this kind of memory works, maybe new memory enhancing drugs can be developed. The fun part of sport memory is that when I am going to do something difficult I always have to tell myself not to think. For example a move that needs to be coordinated. I just do it.

Stay safe 🐾