2nd opinion

“Sometimes you have to look back before you can move forward”

Hi there! I have a day off today. Nice. Spare time. I previously wrote about how important it is to reflect before you move on to the next day, next month, next year. This is very important, I believe. However, sometimes you just don´t want to remember. But the memories are there and you have to deal with them. No matter how terrible they are. This shapes you to a better citizen and it makes you take better decisions in future life.

A few years ago I went for a test that every woman in Sweden has the opportunity to undergo. This is to identify cell changes in the uterus. It is like an examination of the breasts for cell changes. In principal. This test was positive. Of course it was like somebody hit my face. Again. I thought, when is life going to be nice to me?

Life experience has thought me a lot. How to, in the best way, to deal with happenings. Good and bad things. Many people, about 80%, carry viruses that are sexually transmitted. These viruses prefer to stay in special cells. To get rid of this virus you freeze the cells that are affected. Then you have a check up every year.

At least in Norway, when you work with health care such as MD, pharmacist et cetera, you are not allowed to reveal information about patients. This is the same in Sweden. Since I work at a pharmacy, I never talk about information I have about customers. Not even to colleagues. Of course, sometimes I need to get a second opinion from a colleague. But I am very, very careful. I always protect the integrity of the customer.

What is my life like today? I have a good life. I have learnt a lot. My wish is that I will have a family of my own. But again, jantelagen is perhaps still the best law in practice in Sweden. Meanwhile, I write my book.

I am grown up in a very active family. Always excursions like skiing, walks, running et cetera. I am very thankful for this. Sport is the best way to carry on a good life. I have a good muscle memory. It strengthens the immune system including eg NK-cells, interferons and macrophage activity. Helps you to fight cancer (kreft in Norwegian).


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