A day off

Sweden has become North Corea, a real communist country. By that I mean that you are not allowed to have freedom to choose or think on your own. A human being is not given its freedom to think, the government should decide what is best for you. I was going to bye stamps today and there was nothing to choose between. I wish America was Sweden. This is a little thing, but I notice that there are more things happening forcing people to not to think on their own. Dangerous. There is nothing that is normal nowadays. Communist countries kill people who don´t do what the regime tell them to do.

I got very upset over this because it is really dangerous when the government tell the people what to do. Dangerous. Very dangerous. I need to write this because I hope internet freedom still is working. I have hackers, so I am used to this. But from a citizens point of view; internet freedom is very important.

My intellectual property has been stolen. I got very sad about this today. I realized. It hurts to realize. I got very sad. Many years of my life have been stolen. Patent. For example.

Since it is December I went to Old town today. It was a long time ago since I was there. I usually go there when it is to far to travel abroad. I like the feeling of centuries ago. I also went to Själagårdsgatan where I worked with auntie when I was five year old during a summer. We sold Lappish handicrafts to tourists. I was good at selling. I remember I went out on the street telling people to come and see what we had for them. My face is very Lappish. Brown eyes and high cheek bones. People don´t think that I am Swedish. But if anyone is Swedish, I am.

I bought a memory today. An angle. I had a picture taken by someone passing by. I have learnt how to take care of myself. Being single woman is very tough. But I manage.


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