A fun day

Today has been a fun day. I like these kind of days. Sometimes you can begin a day rather tired, not in the mood etc. But today has been a day filled with energy. I think I get this extra energy from work out. I really want to talk about the importance of sports. There are so many physiological benefits from exercise. Blood pressure, cholesterol levels, glucose levels and so on. And feel good hormones like endorphins.

I have been very reluctant of writing various things. But I think it is important to write about days that are not that good as it is to write about days that are good. Good days and bad days. Because there are all various kinds of days. Or what do you think?

Holidays are ahead and I will soon meet family again. As you know, I am grown up in the countryside. When I was little it was a big event to go to Stockholm. I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old we went to Stockholm during a weekend. We stayed at a hotel at Strandvägen, Hotel Diplomat and we went for Circus Scott. It was very exciting to stay at a hotel and it was very exciting to go and see a show. You know that I love animals so I was very happy. I remember the clowns and the elephants. And not to be forgotten: “sockervadd”. I also remember I was a little afraid of the elephants because they were so close. It was very different to watch them on TV compared to reality. The elephants were huge!

By sharing this little memory I wish you happy holidays.


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