A sunny Sunday

Today I am thinking of personal leadership. How to lead yourself throughout life. Life is not so predictable. But sometimes it is. My life is very much on routine right now. Routines are good. A lot of exercise. Yes, exercise is very good. Soon I am on cycling again with following stretch. Stretch is rather boring but you have to do stretching because of preventing injuries.

Today I have been doing rather dull things like paying bills, washing etc. But it feels great to have it done. Good to start Monday fresh.

I am working on my book. I have collected photos for my poetry and the book. A lot of things are woven into my work. I have put so many hours of work and I don´t like the feeling of having that stolen. This website is in a way connected to what I have written. In a way creative. Make things cross over.

I love my book. And my poetry. A life work.


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